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How I Achieved My Book Blogging Dream

Posted on 26/08/2016

Ever since I became a novelist I’ve kept a tortoise ornament on my desk to remind myself that the biggest and best dreams don’t happen over night – they require weeks, months and even years of steady toil to come to fruition (just like the tortoise in The Hare and the Tortoise fable). My guest today is a great example of how hard work and determination – and being in it for the long haul – can really pay off when it comes to achieving your dreams. Over the past three years Georgia has built her site, Teen Book Hoots, into one of the best book blogs out there, recently celebrating reaching 50,000 page hits. In her guest post below she talks openly and honestly about how she achieved this … and how she overcame the obstacles along the way. It’s a really inspirational read even if your dream isn’t to be a book blogger. Enjoy!

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I remember the night I decided to start a blog- in July 2013. I had been on my Mum’s computer, and seen that Cathy Cassidy had put a link on her Facebook page: to a blog that had reviewed one of her books. I never even knew that blogs existed up to then, the fact that people blogged about books filled me up with excitement even more.

I had always been a book lover since I laid eyes on words. I can even remember looking at my little bookshelf at four years old, being amazed that letters can be strung together to make words- and words can be put together to make up pages of books. As I started to read even more as the years went on, I was still in awe that these letters and words could bring out so many different emotions in me: joy, sadness and empathy to name a few. So I knew that I had to make my own blog, and I had the idea to call it TeenBookHoots- as I knew I would be blogging throughout my teenage years and longer, I loved books and I loved owls, so I wanted to hoot about all the books I had been reading.

I set up my blog with the most basic design, and I started to write reviews of books I had bought myself with my pocket money- and ones that I wanted to talk about. It was hard at first, as I started to follow other book bloggers, seeing how established their blogs were- I could see they were getting early proof copies of books, which I also didn’t know that they existed and people would actually get these early copies of books.

My inner voice was trying to bring me down, telling me that I should just give up with my blog- that no one was reading it anyway and I could never bring it up to the level of other bloggers. But I put that voice to the back of my mind, and told myself that I could do it: if I kept on enjoying and loving writing blog posts, I could hardly go wrong.

It took months of me putting my heart and soul into blogging, before I even got my first comment. The fact that people had commented on my reviews, telling me that it had made them go out and buy the book I was reviewing made me so happy.  Soon enough, slowly but surely, I started building up my following, and interacting with other bloggers on Social Media- I was actually starting to become known by people.

I then started to venture into the ideas of writing different posts, ones about confidence and embracing your differences- people commented saying my posts had made their day and they were feeling inspired from it. This just fuelled me even more: I couldn’t and still can’t believe how I have found so much happiness in something so simple, and something I still love to do so much three years later.

Hitting the 50,000 page hits mark in July this year was amazing! In 2013, I couldn’t even fathom that this tiny little corner of the internet that I had built up myself would even get this far. I can remember the elation at getting 100 page hits, then 500, then 1000- wondering when it would stop. Blogging really does mean mountains to me. It has improved my confidence massively, I’ve met so many amazing people, and had so many amazing opportunities.

It has allowed me to practice my writing skills every day- this has really aided me as I want to have a career full of words. It has given me the push to start writing my own novel, which is one of my ultimate dreams that will hopefully become a reality. It was hard to build up my following and readership; I carried on writing about what I loved even with three followers and minimal daily hits. When you do what you love, everything else will come with it: even it does take a long time. You should always follow your dreams, no matter how big or small- if you work at them and continue to have a passion of them, they will become a reality. I still have many more dreams for my blog and my writing- and hopefully I’ll be celebrating a decade of TeenBookHoots in 7 years to come!

Georgia blogs over at, if you are interested in reading her book reviews and blog posts.

Twitter- TeenBookHoots

Instagram- TeenBookHoots_BookBlog


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