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Dear Dare to Dream: How Can I Become a Writer and Find True Love


I love coaching and advising others on achieving their dreams so I’m VERY happy to launch the Dear Dare to Dream advice column on this site today. . If you would like some advice on achieving your dreams and would like to be featured (anonymously) in this column please email me at: . daretodreamlett…


The Moonlight Dreamers Guide to Making Friends


Greetings fellow Moonlight Dreamers! And apologies for my absence. Last month I moved to a brand new town so I took a little time off to get settled. As I get settled it occurred to me that a lot of us might be going through similar at the moment … adapting to a major change as we settle into our…


How I Achieved My Book Blogging Dream


Ever since I became a novelist I’ve kept a tortoise ornament on my desk to remind myself that the biggest and best dreams don’t happen over night – they require weeks, months and even years of steady toil to come to fruition (just like the tortoise in The Hare and the Tortoise fable). My guest today…


What is Normal?


‘How come I never get invited round to your house for tea?’ My best friend Helen asked me one day as we embarked upon another epic game of French skipping in the playground. It was a question the eight-year-old me had been dreading. I’d been round to Helen’s house many times. It was beautiful and hu…


Exam Results: A Moonlight Dreamers Manifesto


You are not your exam results. You are a magical mixture of love, hope and dreams. You are glistening, gleaming gratitude for all the gifts you’ve been given … including the gift of failure. You are every precious memory stored inside the jewellery box of your mind. You are a seeker in need of adv…


New Advice Column: Dear Dare to Dream


You have a dream. Something that lights you up from the inside every time you think about it. It could be a career dream. Or a travel dream. Or a dream for the world. Or maybe it’s for yourself. Maybe you dream of being more confident or creative or authentic. But when you think about making your dr…


Prevailing Against Failure


One of the loveliest things to have happened to me since The Moonlight Dreamers was published is hearing from readers from all over the world, telling me what the book has meant to them. One of those readers is K-Ci Williams from New Zealand – now a confirmed Moonlight Dreamer as you will see from t…